Your Best Ever Wedding Outfit

Okay, you have picked the best wedding dress for you, your wedding planner is a gem, and you have a fantastic place chosen and booked for your wedding. Everything is going just great.

True, the shoes are a little tight, but that will settle down because you are going to wear them a little bit every day until they do. It took ages to pull it all together, but it’s all there now. Now you can relax a little. Your relatives have nothing but praise for the dress, and all your bridesmaids can fit into their outfits, and the colors don’t clash with their complexions. So there really is nothing else to worry about. All the problems are over or sorted. Even the caterers are organized.

Your Best Ever Wedding Outfit – Nail Art 4
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What’s wrong with them?

You are very proud of them, and as a matter of fact, you have given up chewing on your fingernails just for your big day, so they are growing just fine. Oh, yes, well those white spots and weak look are going to be covered over by nail polish, so we don’t need to worry about them.

A nice plain polish, maybe a matte style or transparent, with a little gloss can cover these spots.  The only problem about that scenario is it is boringly bland in today’s life that is full of sensory touch and color. These well-polished nails with red and golden hues can be the best example of modern nail art ideas.

So what about nail art? This can be very sensual, imaginative, and delightful. A scene that you couldn’t imagine being condensed down into less than two centimeters suddenly takes on a miniature life of its own. Small ladybirds, glittery sunsets, desert islands, the choice is almost endless. Match or mix your bridesmaid’s dresses with catchy little bugs, bright red hearts, or anything that takes your fancy.

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Have the color of the nail art meet the color of their lipstick. Or get pretty patterns in bright glossy colors applied. What about polka dots? Don’t they look trendy for college girls? The innocent pink and white polish with polka dots is no doubt alluring for many.

Your Best Ever Wedding Outfit – Nail Art 2

If you are interested in nail art, however, ensure on your big day you get someone who knows what they are doing to make the patterns and apply the colors. You don’t want your nails being a mess, or any mistakes on this particular day, so don’t allow someone who is just experimenting or learning to practice on this special day. Make sure your hands are in good condition, as are your nails. Nail art can conceal ridges and even use splits to create patterns, but it does help to have your nails in excellent shape and your hands the same to make the most of your art. This pastel nails of nail art can give you another thought in this regard.

Your Best Ever Wedding Outfit – Nail Art 3

Although very long fingernails give you more space for designs and for easier applications, your nails do not have to be talons. Some designs work on shorter nails, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally breaking a nail and ruining your pattern. If you want the Eiffel Tower on every nail, then it will certainly look better on long nails, but if you simply want a simple moon or sun, then these look good on shorter nails. Some colors and patterns will make your nails appear longer, while some others will emphasize spatial or misshapen tips of fingers, so choose wisely. Those who love nature, the image is giving the best example of natural nail art.

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