Updo Stylist Secret Hair Stitching

The most romantic updos have a soft loose texture, a few tendrils tumbling out and naturally move when you do. Which means shellaquing it with hairspray so it stays in place all night is not an option. Instead, try this insider trick: hair stitching.

Hair pros actually use a needle and thread to sew a hairstyle into place. It’s a surprisingly quick and easy technique that’s used to create a tousled textured that’s not supposed to look too “done up.” Here, senior stylist Graziella Lembo, of SalonCapri in Boston, shares her step-by-step tips on how to pull off this tendril-filled udpo.

Updo Stylist Secret Hair Stitching

Hair stitching works best on hair that has a bit of texture, so wash it the day before you’re going to style the updo. If you have to work with squeaky clean hair, then spritz them with a dry shampoo to give them a bit of “next day hair” texture. Also, have your hair stitching needle (a large plastic, blunt needle from any craft store will work) ready, threaded with linen thread that matches your hair color.

TIP: Use a colored thread such as gold or silver if you want added sparkle!

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1. First, blow dry your hair smooth so that it has lots of bodies. Next, spritz a medium size section of hair with heat protectant spray, then wrap it around a 1- to 1½-inch curling wand. Repeat all over. “To achieve natural, not structured, curls, gently pull and loosen each one after it has cooled,” says Graziella. For added volume and hold, add a light spritz of flexible hair spray while lifting up curls to hit the roots as well. Her pick: Kerastase Laque Couture.

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2. Making sure there is no distinct part, grasp a handful of hair in the center of the back of your head to create a messy-on-purpose bun.

Updo Stylist Secret Hair Stitching 3

3. Begin sewing hair through the messy bun you’ve created. Sew in looping motions pulling each stitch tight as you go to secure strands.

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4. Graziella emphasizes that the look should be voluminous and messy but feel secure. It will hold all night!

TIP: The larger the loop, the more volume you get, the tighter the loop, the more “detailed” it will appear.

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5. Add bobbypins where desired to secure small pieces that get away. Finish with a little more hairspray. You don’t need as much hairspray as most updos require, the look is so secure!

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