Steps to Having Perfect And Polished Eyebrows

Eyebrows say a lot about how well we take care of ourselves. Eyebrows are also one of the first features that people notice on our face since they act as the frame to all of our facial features. Despite being of such importance, eyebrows are unfortunately the area where we either take too much or too little care.

Unruly eyebrows with stray hairs are by no means attractive, but neither are over-plucked eyebrows that have obviously been drawn in with a harsh eyebrow pencil. It can be hard to learn just how to pluck your eyebrows, especially if yours seem to have zero shapes to them when they are in their natural state, but do not give up hope! It is possible for you to have perfect and polished eyebrows.

TIP: An easy way to get those beautiful eyebrows again is to visit a beautician and have them lay down the groundwork. Once the beautician gives your eyebrows some shape and definition, you are only responsible for the upkeep. You will be able to spot the unruly hairs easily and pluck them as soon as possible.

Perfect And Polished Eyebrows Cosmetics

To give yourself perfect brows, all you need is:

  • Clean and sharp eyebrow tweezers
  • Sharp scissors
  • A mirror
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Brow makeup

If you are sensitive to pain, then you can run an astringent over your eyebrow area to help numb the area. It also helps if you pluck your eyebrows after being in a hot, humid climate, such as after a bath.

To help find the shape of your eyebrows, take your finger or an eyebrow brush and brush the eyebrows upwards. You will start to notice that there is a thicker part of the hair surrounded by more sparsely covered hairs below that. Start off by removing these hairs in the sparsely covered area, taking care to pluck them in the same direction as the growth of the hair (this helps prevent hair breakage). Continue to brush the eyebrow upwards so that you can spot all of the unnecessary hairs and remove them. You never want to pluck on top of the eyebrow unless absolutely necessary.

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Once you have the shape, if you happen to have longer or shaggier eyebrows, brush the eyebrows upwards once again and with a very steady hand, take a pair of small, sharp scissors and snip the length of the eyebrow hair off. Smooth your eyebrow back down to observe the shape. Snip off any other longer hairs as necessary.

To give your eyebrows some definition, use some eyebrow makeup and a stiff angled brush. You can use a powder makeup, or you can take an eyebrow pencil and brush the bristles of the angled brush over the pencil and use this for makeup.

Now take the brush and apply the makeup over your eyebrows, taking care to create shape with the brush as you move along. When you have completed this, take the brush and brush some eyebrow powder over the eyebrows. This will help define the shape all the more and set the eyebrow makeup color. If you are worried about your eyebrows keeping shape during the day, apply a minimal amount of hair spray to your eyebrow area by dabbing it on with your index finger.

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