All You Need to Know About Stay On Lipstick

Women all over the world marvel at how women from previous decades and centuries were able to live without stay on lipstick colors. For anyone who has lived long enough, you can undoubtedly remember the lipstick marks you left on that wine glass during your date or the bright kiss your aunt left on your cheek several years ago that took forever to scrub off.

As women become busier and busier, the demand for a lipstick that will stay put grew. Thankfully, stay on lipstick colors are now all the rage and can be found behind almost any cosmetics counter or in any drug store across the globe.

Stay on lipstick usually does not need to be reapplied at any point throughout the day, as it lasts for up to 18 hours at a time
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Stay on lipstick usually does not need to be reapplied at any point throughout the day, as it lasts for up to 18 hours at a time. You can eat, drink, kiss and get dressed without having to worry about staining your dishes, your clothing, or your loved ones. You can find stay on lipstick in numerous shades and for any skin tone.

I already have a Favorite Lipstick. How can I Make It Stay On?

You may be able to use a few simple tricks to keep your favorite lipstick shade stay on longer than it usually does. First, apply your foundation or cover up around the outline of your lips. Next, take a lip pencil of a neutral shade and outline your lips (no, the lip pencil does not need to match the shade of your lipstick).

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When you are ready to powder your face, make sure you also apply powder over the lip liner to help set it in place. Take a lip brush, and use this to apply lipstick to your lips. Blot your lips with a tissue to both remove excess lipstick and to further “press” the color into your lips so that they are stained with the color. Go over your lips again, and you’re set!

TIP: If you do choose to turn your current lipstick shade into a do-it-yourself stay-on lipstick color, it is best to choose a shade that is opaque or matte rather than sheer and shiny.

If it Stays On So Well, How do I Remove It?

Removal of stay on lipsticks is the most bothersome part of the ordeal, but you need not go to great lengths to remove it. Choose a less waxy lip gloss (such as Vaseline) and liberally apply it to your upper and lower lip. Take a tissue or paper towel and slowly remove the lipstick from your lips with a clean part of the towel each time, taking care not to rub the lipstick into your skin (otherwise it may take a while to come off!). Continue this process until it is fully removed, and follow up with a moisturizing gloss or chapstick.

TIP: Never reapply a store-bought stay-on lipstick shade without fully removing the first coat first. Reapplying a stay on lipstick or lip color will only make your lips look thick, cakey and completely unnatural.

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