Splitting Nails What To Do and How To Fix Them

Splitting nails or peeling nails is a skin care issue for a lot of women. Fixing and preventing nails from splitting is most likely asked by many women than men because it affects the majority of the ladies.

A split nail maybe small but it can be painful especially if it caught on something like fabrics. Sometimes, the pain just won’t let you concentrate. Also, it’s not lovely to look at.

What is splitting nails?

Splitting nails are medically known as Onychoschizia and it can be seen more in females rather than males. It is also familiar with the fingernails than in toenails. Commonly, constant exposure to wet and dried longer causes split nails. Also, environmental factors like dry indoor heat and decrease in humidity can also result in cutting nails. Iron deficiency problem is also a typical cause for this nail condition.

Also, splitting nails has two types identified by American Osteopathic College of Dermatology but the characteristics of each kind only differ slightly. These types are:

  1. Nails that are soft and brittle occurred due to too much moisture.
  2. Nails look brittle and dry because of lacking amount of water in the nail.

Actually, you don’t need to panic if you have split nails because it is not a lifelong condition. In other words, cutting nails can be fixed and can be prevented with care products. But you need a little patience though.

Fixing a Split Nail

Splitting Nails Cfnd Toenail

Start the fixing by:

  • Holding the split nails together with a coffee filter and applying nail polish. This is just temporary though. Just to buy you sometime to complete your work without hassle and pain.
  • Trim the damaged part away. Get rid of the split by merely trimming the nail as often as possible. You see, the only way to get rid of a split is to cut it away because it’s impossible to put broken nails back again. Clean the damaged nail gently using a nail polish remover and must be maintained clean until treatment is over. By the way, surgery is considered done after the whole damaged section is got rid of.
  • Cover the damaged nail with a cover filter. Get a piece of coffee filter and trim it according to the size of the damaged nail. Add a clear polish to your nail and put on the coffee filter adhering to your nail. Thoroughly polish them and dry thoroughly as it would hold them together.
  • Remove the split and redo manicure. Once the split nails grow out, just remove the polish using nail polish remover (with no acetone content). Remove the coffee filter and clip the split away. Properly file the nail and proceed with a gorgeous manicure.
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Although, split nails can be fixed, wouldn’t it be a lot better if you don’t have to undergo the hassle of fixing it? In other words, would be it a lot better if it could be prevented before it happens?

Admittedly, it is very much possible as you can prevent split nails too! And to do that, you might be amazed how simple the measures of preventions are.

Preventing The Occurrence Of Split Nails

Pure and gentle treatment of your nails can ensure that you will not be seeing a split nail again. Here are the simple steps to keep split nails away:

  • Since exposure to water is one of the contributing factors of nail splitting, keep it dry by avoiding too much exposure to wet and wear gloves when doing household chores that involve prolonged exposure to water.
  • Nail hygiene includes proper trimming and filing of nails as well as keeping it clean and moisturizer.
  • Nail splitting can also be due to minor trauma so don’t use your nail as a substitute for screwdrivers or picking apparatus. Don’t chew or bite them too.
  • Choose skin care products. You can prevent the occurrence of nail splitting by avoiding harsh skin products as it can damage the nails. Don’t use a nail polish remover with acetone content and if possible, limit manicures.
  • Give instant attention to split nails. If you notice a split nail, don’t wait long but repair it as quickly as possible to contain the problem. You can fix it soon by using clear nail polish.

You can also ask the help of an expert like a dermatologist on how to keep split nails away especially if the above mentioned tips didn’t really work for you.

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