Tips to Avoid Split Ends Under Microscope

Coloring and ironing hair must help your hair to look prettier. However, behind its beauty, there are some problems when you are not aware. Changing your hair color and straightening or curling your hair triggers some serious damages to your hair.

One of the problem for your hair is split ends under the microscope. It is the most problem that appeared on people who usually use irons for their hair. On the other hand, you can make your hair healthy even you use irons every day. To get a healthier condition of your hair, you can follow some steps below.

How to Make Your Hair Healthy While Using Flat Iron

Types of split ends under microscope
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For the first, when you want to straighten or curl for short hair make sure that you a high-quality iron. Unfortunately, there are some many inexpensive irons made from metal. It is not even recommended to use since it can burn your hair.

For the best recommendation, you can choose irons with ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium material. The ceramic irons will heat quickly but still help your hair to be smooth and shiny. Then, tourmaline can produce six times of negative ions that make your hair look healthy, shiny, and smooth. Meanwhile, titanium iron is good for coarse or thick hair.

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Second, you have to mind on temperature control of the iron when you want to get your curling for medium hair. There will be high, medium, and low heat settings on irons. If you keep it on the higher level, so it will damage your hair easily. On the other hand, it seems possible to use at the lowest level to get a style that you want.

So, it is highly recommended to get irons with digital heat setting. If you have thinner and finer hair, you can start to use at 80 degrees Celsius then raising up when you need more straighten or curling. For all type of hair, you cannot set your irons more than 200 degree Celsius.

Third, if you did not want to get split ends under the microscope, so you have to consider the size of iron. You can use smaller iron when your hair is short while a larger iron if your hair is long and thick. Then, what kind of style that you want also based on the size of iron that you used. You can use a smaller iron if you want to get tight ringlet curly hair. Meanwhile, you can also choose larger iron when you want to get loose waves style.

For the last, you have to follow some healthy steps when ironing your hair to avoid some split ends under microscope condition. You can start to iron your hair when you get your hair dry completely. It will boil moisture out from your hair and lead some damages if you apply heat when your hair is wet. Then, make sure that you always apply for heat protection before using irons. Afterward, you can heat for each section of your hair briefly. Don’t ever leave your flat or curling iron more than 3 to 5 seconds for each section.

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