Get Short Layers on Long Hair at Home

We would like to have a new hairstyle for the New Year eve. You can try a new and fresh look for welcoming a New Year. For the unique style, you can try to get short layers on long hair.

This style is the recommended one since it will give more volume on your hair. Moreover, the layered haircut is easy even you do it by yourself at home. Do you want to try to get layered hair at home? Just check this out!

How to Make Layered Hair at Home

short layers on long hair

For the first step to getting short layer is washing your hair. There are some types of hair cutting that can be chosen. You have to make sure that your hair is straight since layered will get more volume on your hair. Clean and damp your hair to make it easy to cut. You can also use the wide-toothed comb to make your hair to be neater.

Second, you can gather all of your hair to the top of your head. Since you have to cut it by yourself, so you need to see it at the front. Comb your hair once again to make sure that there is no tangled part.

Third, fasten your hair by using elastic. Move it down to the ponytail. To prevent hair loss, you can hold your hair at the top by one hand then the other hand takes the elastic down. You can measure how long your cutting will be. Just leave few inches from a ponytail.

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Fourth, cut the end of your ponytail to get short layers on long hair. Make sure that you hold your hair to avoid some loosen. Cut your hair by using sharp scissors for haircutting. If you have thick hair, so you can cut the ponytail in some section. However, you cannot cut the angle. You have only need to cut it straight into layers.

For the last, you can examine the layers to get face-framing layers. This method aims to make the front side to be longer than the back side. Make sure that you will get short layers on long hair, so don’t cut it too much. On the other hand, you can also use another method to get layered hair. Two of two layering short hair also can be used to make your hair to be layered.

The first step, you can get your hair ready to cut by washing it. It is even better if you can cut your hair when it is damp. After that, you can prepare two mirrors to check front and back your hair. Then, comb your hair as well then divide it into some sections.

To get short layers on long hair, you can part your hair to the crown of the head and the middle of your hair. Cut the crown section first by using the finger. Hold in the 90-degree angle of your head with your middle finger and forefinger. Make sure that you get the right cutting. For the last, you can continue to cut other section that will be longer.

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