The Best Red Hair Color for Short Hair with Layers

Nowadays, the woman tends to break the stereotype by cutting her hair into short. Short hair with layers is the best haircut choice for the woman who wants short haircut without looking too boyish. Layers will give a feminine look to your short haircut. Also, your short haircut would not be completed if you still maintain your true hair color.

You can challenge your style by dyeing your hair into various colors. Red is the most recommended hair color which will give the woman many charms, from feminine, sexy, bold, chic, and stand out.

short hair with layers

Red hair colors shades consist of various shades which can be chosen based on your style. There is some red hair color chart which is recommended for your short haircut.

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Classic Red

If you want to look classy with your short haircut, you can choose the classic red as your hair color. This shade is the deepest and shining shade within the red color chart. The perfect red can perfectly cover your true hair color and change it into the stunning red. The classic red is recommended for the woman whose true hair color is black and dark brown. Besides classy, you can look sexier with this color shade. Also, the classic red is the best choice for you who want to be the center of attention.


Auburn hair color chart is the best hair color for you who want to look bold and mysterious. Auburn belongs to the darkest shade in the red color chart. This color comes from the combination of shining red and dark brown. The tone of this hair color is a perfect choice for you who have origin hair color is black. Also, you can add brighten color, like blonde or yellow, to your hair layers to brighten up your appearance.

Dark Auburn

Many women think that dark auburn does not belong to the family of red. The dark auburn is the part of the family of red because the dark auburn is the result of the combination of black and shining red. If you are inside the room, nobody can distinguish this hair color. However, if you are going to the outside or in the room with bright light, the color will be shown as if there are red and black. Dark auburn can be chosen as the hair color for the woman who does not want to be stand out with the hair dye. Dark auburn can be combined with ombre style with bright colors, such as blonde, violet, silver, blue, or shining red.

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Ginger is one the red hair shades which comes from the combination of the classic red and blonde. This hair color is darker than blonde, but it is brighter than the classic red. Ginger is perfect hair color for the woman who has origin hair color are light brown and blonde. Woman with origin hair color is black of brown should bleach her short hair with layers before applying this hair color.

Deep Red

Deep red can be said as a perfect tone within the family of red. This hair color gives sweet and gentle charm. This color is darker than the classic red and softer than the Auburn.

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