Types of Bangs for Short Hair for Round Face

Women in the modern era do not think long hair is the only one hairstyle. Short hair for round face can be alternative hairstyle for women who want to challenge the feminine style.

They cut their long hair into the short haircut. However, their feminine style is not completely disappeared because they add bang on the front side of their hair. The popularity of bang has remained for many decades.

Even, women in the recent still use bang as the “sweetener” of their short haircut. Nevertheless, the type of bangs in the recent era has increased. There are a lot of types of bangs which can be applied based on the haircut, hair volume, hair length, or face shape.

Pixie Cut Bang

Short Hair For Round Face

Pixie cut bang is the bang which is applied to the pixie haircut for round face. Pixie cut bang has very short length. This bang can cover the upper side of your forehead. Therefore, this bang is not recommended for you who have wide and protrude forehead. The best face shape for the pixie cut bang is ovoid face shape. This bang will complete the appearance, particularly if the top of the bang combined with cropped style. Pixie cut bang is the best bang for women who want to look brighter and cheerful.

Asymmetrical Bang

The second type of bangs which can complete your hairstyle is the asymmetrical bang. This bang can be applied to both short hair for round face and medium haircut for round face. You can create asymmetrical bang by pulling the hair on the top of your head and then cut it in a straight line. Then, the hair will fall on your forehead asymmetrically. You can use asymmetrical bang if you want to look attractive and energetic. You can add the uniqueness of the bang by coloring the bang with color which is the contrast with your hair color.

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Pin Up Bang

If you like vintage style like the 1930s, you can choose to pin up bang for your short hair for round face. This bang does not only give a vintage look, but also glamorous charm. Pinup bang can be created by blow drying other types of the bang. You can put hairspray to maintain the volume of your pin-up bang. Moreover, pin-up bang is perfect bang for any face shape. You should put bold make up to complete your vintage look with pin-up bang.

Arched Bang

If you have the long forehead, you can choose arched bang as your bang. You can make your arched bang by pulling the hair from the top of your head into your forehead. Then, you cut that hair into the straight line. Automatically, this bang will arch and follow the curve of your face.

This bang is perfect for you who has thick hair because if it will cover your long forehead completely. Besides, arched bang can be perfect bang for the woman who has the square face. The arched line on the forehead can smoother the curve of the face. Therefore, the square face looks rounder.

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