Easy Ways to Get Rid of Pimple Won’t Pop

Rid Of Pimple Won't PopActually, a pimple is the natural phenomenon for everyone. The increasing of oil can cause a pimple won’t pop. A pimple commonly appears during PMS or pre-menstruation syndrome because of the increase of estrogen hormone.

Pimple can look on your skin because of your bad habit, like washing your face infrequently. Pimple can be healed for one or two days with or without medications. However, for some cases, there is a pimple won’t pop within the short period.

This pimple is deep and large. Sometimes, it can cause pain. This pimple needs a long time to be flattened out or disappeared completely. Even, this pimple will leave the scar on your skin. However, do not be afraid if you have a big pimple. You can apply tips below to get rid of your big pimple.

Do Not Pop a pimple

The first tips that can help you to heal your pimple won’t pop is do not ever try to pop your big and deep pimple. You are forbidden to poke a pimple with a needle or other things. Even, you are not allowed to squeeze or touch a pimple. Your touching, popping, poking, or something else does not heal your big and deep pimple.

In fact, you can worsen your pimple. Your pimple will be deeper and bigger. It happens because of blood, pus, or bacteria from the popped pimple which spread in the skin. Moreover, you can damage your skin because your pimple leaves the black or brown scar on your skin. Those wounds can’t be easily disappeared. It needs several months to get rid of the scars.

Clean Your Face Routinely

The main reason why you have a pimple won’t pop on your face is that you do not clean your dirty face routinely, especially after you are doing outdoor activities or putting makeup. The dirt can enter your skin pore. It will be mixed with your oil and caused a pimple. If a pimple is infected by the bacteria, it will cause inflammation even your pimple contains blood and pus.

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Therefore, it is important to clean your face routinely. You can clean your face twice a day, in the morning and the evening. You can use facial foam or scrub to get rid of the dirt on your face. However, if you have to make up on your face, you can use micellar water to clean off your make up. Micellar water contains the special formula which helps to remove dirt of makeup easily.

How to use micellar water is by pouring that liquid into cotton or soft sponge and then wipe it on your face. You can use micellar water to clean the dirt or makeup in the sensitive area like eyelashes or lips.

Apply Medicine for Acne Treatment

You can heal your big pimple with medicine for acne treatment which can be found easily in the drugstore. You can choose medicine for acne treatment which contains benzoyl peroxide. This compound is scientifically proved to remove excess oil from the skin. Therefore, the big pimple can be flattened out. You can smear the medicine twice a day. Do not smear too much medicine because it can irritate your skin.

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