Nail Extensions The FAQs

Thinking about getting nail extensions but you’re not entirely sure if it’s the right choice for you (AND your nails)? No worries, we have the answers to your most pertinent nail extension questions right here.

Will nail extensions completely ruin my real, natural nails?

Nail Extensions The Faqs
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Completely ruin is a bit harsh of a statement, but you can expect that nail extension will leave some sort of residual effect on your nails once removed. It is typical for your nails to feel weaker and thinner when the nail extensions are first removed; however, as time goes on, your nails should feel stronger.

You can help keep your nails strong and healthy by allowing your nails to “just be” in between extensions. Allow your nails to grow as long as possible before applying for a nail extension.

Are nail extensions safe for me to use?

Yes, as long as the person who is applying the nail extensions knows what he or she is doing. If you do not ensure how to use for nail extensions on your own, DON’T! Have a professional with a lot of experience glue the nail extensions to your fingertips. If there is any trace of dirt, bacteria or fungus between your natural nail and the glued-on extension, this can go on to create fungal issues for you or even infections.

On that note, it is also important to invest in a nail brush and to regularly clean both under and on top of your nails while you are wearing nail extensions.

I’ve heard of nail enhancements… are these the same as nail extensions?

Nail enhancements and nail extensions are actually two different ways to give your nails that naturally longer look. Extensions are either made of acetate or plastic, and they are glued to your real natural nail. Enhancements, on the other hand, tend to be made of different materials such as linen, silk, gel, acrylic powder, or even paper! These are nail wraps that are often used to cover your natural nail so that your natural nail is strengthened, which in turn allows it to lengthen naturally.

Can I remove a nail extension myself?

You can remove a nail extension yourself, but it won’t be the easiest task you’ve undertaken. Removing a nail extension requires a fair amount of time sitting with your fingers insolvent, waiting for the glue to loosen so that you can lift and remove the extension from your natural nail.

Before removing the extension yourself, be sure to file the extension down as far as you possibly can (preferably to the point where it is meeting the natural nail) as this may help reduce the amount of time you will be spending soaking your fingers insolvent. Continually try to lift the edges of your nail extension from your natural nails. If you have problems removing the extensions, continue to soak your fingernails for 5 minutes and try to lift the nail again. Repeat until you can delete it.

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