How to Do Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Many people are familiar with the artwork done on long nails. The reality is that there are just as many exciting designs for short nails. Short nails do require special attention and a different way of thinking to get the best results. There are several tips that you can use when doing nail art designs for short nails.

Use Dark and Contrasting Colors

Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

You want the designs on short nails to be as visible as possible. This can be difficult with nails that are trimmed down. Lighter colors that might show up well on longer nails can easily get lost with shorter nails. This is why you want to use dark and contrasting colors. Short nails will benefit from blacks, dark blues, and other deep colors. If more than one color is being used, then try to choose contrasting colors. Including contrasting colors as part of the design will make the image clearer and bolder so that it can be seen from a distance.

Utilize the Entire Nail

You want to take advantage of the entire nail when dealing with short nails. You generally want to make sure that the design goes right up to at least one edge of the nail. This can make the nail and design look larger. You want to avoid placing just one small and light-colored image in the center of a short nail because it could become nearly invisible under certain circumstance. It sometimes helps to paint the entire nail from the tip to the cuticle and then line the edge along the cuticle to create a clean and visible canvas for the other colors in the design.

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Focus On Short Strokes

You want to use primarily short strokes when doing nail art designs for short nails. This means performing strokes that do not run the entire length of the nail. Short strokes allow for designs that are more detailed. They also look much nicer. It is important to practice achieving different line weights within the same stroke. This means starting a stroke with heavy line weight and then ending with a thin and sharp point. Short strokes are one of the keys to creating attractive nail art designs on short nails.

Use Easily Identifiable Elements

Long nails provide a big space where elaborate scenes can be created. Short nails do not allow for this. Creating an intricate scene on a short nail is possible although it is ultimately going to end up looking muddled and overly busy because of the limited space. You want to use easily identifiable and simple elements when doing nail art designs on short nails. This means thinking about bold shapes or simple graphics like stars or leaves. This will make the nails stand out much more. It also allows the design to shine through instead of becoming a confusing collection of tiny multicolored strokes.

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Use a Quality Brush

Doing nail art designs on short nails requires precision and practice to get professional looking results. The key to working with short nails is using quality brushes. It is important to check the brushes in the colors that will be used in advance. If they are not forming a narrow and sharp point, then they might need to be cleaned with acetone or replaced completely.

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