How to Choose Makeup for Blondes

Deciding which eyeshadows, lipsticks and even mascara shades will look best on you can seem like a bit of a guessing game.

How do you know just what colors will look stunning and how do you know which ones will leave you looking less than your best?

How To Choose Makeup For Blondes


Eyeshadow is more dependent on your actual eye color than the color of your hair. For blondes with blue eyes, try going for grey tones, copper tones, and lavender or purple-based tones.

Blondes with green eyes will look great in any red-based sounds, such as plum colors and mauves. Brown eyed blondes can pull off a vast array of colors, from neutral tones all the way to dark navy blues.


Blondes can always pull off a dark black mascara. If you are one of the few natural blondes on this planet, then you will surely also have light eyelashes as well. Make sure that you choose a quality mascara that won’t flake and fall off halfway through the day.

[alert-note]TIP: It is always a good idea to curl your eyelashes before applying mascara to make them stand out.[/alert-note]

Black mascara can look “natural” on a blonde, though for a truly natural look you can also go for a brown shade of mascara.


For a daytime look, try using a brown eyeliner to line both your upper and lower eyelids. At night, apply a black or chocolate brown liner and finish by smudging it slightly with a Q-Tip for a dramatic, sultry look.


Lining your lips with a neutral colored lip liner is always the best way to go. Once the ship has been applied, apply a coat or two of a nude or light pink lipstick. Blot and then add just a touch of lip gloss to your lower lip to bring out the pout and make your lips look irresistible.

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Foundation is more based on your actual skin tone, but to indeed make your blonde hair stand out you will want to choose foundations with a golden undertone rather than a pink undertone. This will warm up your skin tone.

TIP: When choosing a concealer, try to find a concealer that is a shade lighter than the foundation color you are using. This will help further hide those little imperfections that you are trying to keep out of sight


Blondes look their best when they sweep a peach, rosy or apricot colored blush on their cheeks. Begin with a broad, dome-shaped blush brush and move from the apple of your cheeks to your temples.

TIP: Bronzer also looks fabulous on blondes! Just dust the bronzer on your cheeks and your cheeks to give yourself a warmer, more sun-kissed appearance. Finish up with some shiner on your cheekbones, temples, and both the inner and outer corners of your eyes to accentuate your facial features

For further tips and advice, always take advantage of the beautician or cosmetologist at your beauty, department or drug store.

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