Facts about Long Layers vs Short Layers Hair

Every woman in around world has a crown which is her hair. Hairstyles with long layers vs short layers have been popular among women from all ages since hundred years ago. Even, hairstyles with the long layer or short layer never show any sign of diminishing from the fashion world. It can be proven from celebrities or models that make the public appearance with layered hairstyles, both short layer, and long layer.

For your information, short layered hairstyles and long layered hairstyles have huge differences, even though both of those hairstyles come from the same types of hair cutting which are layered hairstyles. If you want to solve your confusion about long layers vs short layers, there are some facts that you should know about long layered hairstyles and short layered hairstyles.

Long Layers Vs Short Layers


The first fact that you should know about long layered hairstyles and short layered hairstyles is the hairstyling.

Both of those hairstyles have different hairstyling. Even, long layered hairstyles and short layered hairstyles will give different charms which depend on which way to part hair.

For your information, the short layered hairstyle has a lot of styling choices than the long layered hairstyle. It happens due to the characteristics of short layered hairstyle which is subtle.

Short layered hairstyles can be changed from the way you part or comb your hair. You can part your hair with the huge volume on the one side or part your hair with proportion 2:8. Those ways will make you look more chic and stunning. Short layered hairstyles will create great appearance during indoor activities like in the office.

If you have long layered hairstyles, it will be better if you part your hair in the same position. Therefore, your hair does not look too heavy or light on the one side. However, if you want to challenge your hairstyle, you can comb your hair with the hippy hairstyle.

The hippy hairstyle is long layered hairstyles with wavy layers. The wavy layers come from the layers which are dried naturally. Hence, it will give elegant wavy layers like Bohemian hairstyles. Long layered hairstyles, especially hippy hairstyle, are suitable for perfect hairstyles for outdoor party or festival, particularly in the beach or meadow.


You should know that long layers vs short layers hairstyles have a different volume. The long layered hairstyle is the best choice for women who have thick hair. A long layered hairstyle can lessen the volume of the hair. However, long layered hairstyle does not give any effect in the hair length.

On the other hand, a short layered hairstyle is the best hairstyle for women who have slight hair because this layered hairstyle can add more hair volume. The hair volume can be increased by flicking out the end of the hair strands and spraying hairspray to maintain the hair volume.

Face Shape

Every woman deserves long layered hairstyle or short layered hairstyle. Nevertheless, it will be better if the layered hairstyle is adjusted to the face shape. The long layered hairstyle is the best choice for a woman with round face shape because it gives elongation effect. Meanwhile, the woman with long face shape can apply long layered hairstyle to add the volume of the face, especially the cheeks.

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