The Fabulous Look of Inverted Triangle Face Shape

Hair is the most precious style. You have to mind your face shape to get the best hairstyle. You cannot use any types of hairstyles randomly. Some rules can be taken to get a perfect look.

Then, if you have inverted triangle face shape, it is time for you to get the ideal haircut. As like as another face shape, an inverted face has some suitable hairstyle that makes it looks more proportional and perfect. Here are some hairstyles recommended for you.

Inverted Triangle Face Shape

Inspiring Hairstyle for Inverted Triangle Face Shape

First, you can use half ups style. There are so many different types of hair cutting. You have to choose the perfect one that will make your look seems prettier.

This half ups style is perfect for inverted shape face since it will narrow your forehead and widen your cheekbones and jawlines. This look will bring good illusion to your face. Then, you can also add pony or chignon to leave some piece around your face.

This look will help you to balance your triangle face. Moreover, you can also wear the headband to make it more perfect for your style.

Second, the best solution hairstyles for heart shaped faces and triangle shaped faces is bangs. It must be the basic rule known by everyone. Some people might need bangs to cover their forehead. On the other hand, bangs will not only cover your forehead, but it will also help you to get narrow and wider forehead.

For the triangular face, make sure that you avoid a heavy straight across bangs. If you use this style of bang, it will give your look more triangular. For the best model, you can follow Brigitte’s curtain bangs or Alexa’s long bangs. Both of styles are a combination of short and long bangs which will help your faces get a perfect illusion.

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Third, to get perfect illusion, you can try center parting hairstyle. You can start to comb your hair which way to part hair gently. Then, just part into half of half to make it has a center hairline. It is the perfect style for you who have a triangle shaped face but do not want to get a bang or layers.

Besides, you can also try to get super straight with minimal layers hairstyles. One thing that must be avoided for inverted triangle face is more layers. If you want to get layers, make sure that you get minimal layers since it will make your face longer.

Last but not least, if you have inverted face and wavy hair so you can try to cut your hair into bob style with bangs. This style is the most favorite one since it gives the sexy yet cute character at once.

By choosing wavy bob, you can get great layers and texture that make your jawlines or cheekbones widen. This style also helps you to get wider forehead.

Believe that the wavy bob with bangs is the perfect hairstyle. Although you have straight hair, you can also try on this style. Get a new look is not something wrong.

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