How to Remove Eye Makeup to Avoid Aging

Makeup is the most interesting for some people. With some colors on our face, it will bring different vibe and characters.

However, there are some problems with this activity. Removing makeup is one thing that is forgotten by some people after getting full makeup. All makeup products on our skin must be removed.

If you did not remove your make up well, so some bacteria or chemical products trigger skin problems. So, how to remove eye makeup and full face make up well?

How To Remove Eye Makeup

How to Remove Eye Makeup Properly

The first step in removing makeup doesn’t ever use remover for necessary makeup for your eyes. Since eyes are more sensitive than another area on your face, so you need eye makeup remover with the right formula.

You can use a double cleansing method to remove all of your make up from your face. You can remove your eye makeup first or all area first. If you want to clean your face, you can use micellar water.

This new trending item is the easiest one to get rid your makeup. How to use micellar water is also simple. Just put micellar water on the cotton ball then swipe it gently on your face.

After that, you can also use remover with oil based which has the function to remove some product which usually waterproof. To remove your eye makeup, you can use oil based remover since sometimes you need to clean waterproof eyeliner.

One effective way to remove waterproof product is using oil-based remover. It also happens to the way how to remove waterproof mascara. You need oil-based remover for mascara. However, this way leads some problem for your eyelashes. Don’t use micellar water for your eyelashes since it will damage your eyelashes. You can take mascara remover to keep your eyelashes stronger.

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To remove your mascara, you can try to use baby oil and the cotton bud. Take some baby oil by using the cotton bud. After that, place a piece of tissue under your eye. While you close your eyes, you can clean the eyelashes with the cotton bud that already has baby oil. Brush it gently so that the mascara will come off on the tissue. You can do it several times until all of the mascara come off. Then, you can also continue the step of remove waterproof mascara by using mascara remover. Clean it gently and smoothly so the eyelashes will not come off.

For the next step, you can wash your face after removing all products from your face. Wash your face gently to get rid the rest products on your face. Then, you can continue some skincare routines to keep your skin healthier. You can start from using toner, essence or serum, masks, and night cream. Moreover, you can also apply eyelashes serum to avoid some loss.

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Using mascara routinely will lead eyelashes loss, so you have to apply serum to keep it stronger. For the best way to avoid some eyelashes loss, you can avoid applying waterproof mascara.

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