How to Remove Dip Powder Nails Easily Only by Two Things

Get nails beautiful by nail polish is a new trend. Every year, there are so many new trends for the nail polish. However, the price of the polishing nail is not too affordable. You need to spend more money to get professional nail art. After that, you have also remove your nail polish at sometimes to keep your nails’ cleanliness.

On the other hand, there is a simple way on how to remove dip powder nails. You can remove your nail polish by yourself at home without the need to go to nail beauty care.

How To Remove Dip Powder Nails

How to Remove Dip Powder Nails

Actually, there are two methods to remove your nail polish. For the first method on how to remove gel nail polish at home is by using acetone and cotton ball. The important thing that must be known is never lifted your nail polish off by using bare hands since it will damage your nail.

Just prepare cotton ball, acetone or nail polish remover, and foil. Dip your cotton ball into acetone or nail polish remover. Then, place the cotton ball on your nails.

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After that, wrap your nails with a small piece of foil. Make sure that you wrap it tightly, and it covered entire finger. Just leave for 20 minutes then unwrap it. Press at powder nail gently with orangewood stick so it will peel off. If some of them did not work, you could soak your nails more in acetone.

Besides, you can also choose the second method on how do you remove gel nail polish. The first thing that must be prepared is warm water, nail oil, and orangewood stick. After that, you can begin to remover your nail polish. Dip your hand into warm water for 20 minutes.

This process aims to dislodge the powder nails and help it to come off easier. After that, you can add some of the nail oil around your nails. Take orangewood stick then prodding it at the nails once. You have to be more patient with this steps since you cannot push more. You cannot push it harder since it will hurt you more. So, just take your time for this process.

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These two simple methods can be done easily at home. However, you have to be more patient to make it peel off safely.

The powder nails are hardened quickly so that you have to make sure that all of them will come off at once. Avoid leaving some color or debris on your nails. If it did not work, don’t get panic you can just wipe off once again your nails with a cotton ball that already dipped in acetone. “Tap tap” it until all the color come off.

Make sure that you do it gently to avoid some damages to your nails. In many situations, remove your nail polish patiently and carefully. Don’t wipe it too fast or even too hard since it will hurt you. With a right way, you will get healthier and beautiful nail even after or before polished. Keep it, beauty!

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