How to Layer Short Hair to Get Perfect Style on New Year Day

New Year will come, are you ready to get a new style? For the new year, you can start your day with new hair. One of the best hair is short hair.

For you who always have long hair must change your look to be fresher in 2018. A layered haircut is the best cut hair to add more volume to your hair. So, how to layer short hair? Here are some tips to get best-layered cut hair to get a fresh look.

how to layer short hair for thick hair

Tips to Get Layered Hair

First, you have to wet your hair. The reason why our hair must be in wet condition is that it is more manageable so that it can be cut easier. The long layered straight hair must be the best one since it will volume your hair. You can wash your hair or just spray some water on your hair to make it wet.

Although it can be managed, you still have to comb your hair straight to avoid some tangled hairs. The part your hair as you normally do to get the right style. Since everybody has different part hair, make sure that you part your hair as you usually do.

Second, prepare the tools to cut your hair. For perfect short haircuts for round faces, you have to use professional hair scissors. The standardization of scissors for cutting hair is not sharp enough.

The function of professional hair for cutting your hair is to make your hair has the same length when it cut down. Moreover, some cases showed that the hair would be damaged if you cut your hair without any standard professional hair scissors.

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Third, you can start to cut your hair into short hair for round faces. For cutting your hair, you can try to separate the hair into three parts. The first part is the bottom layer which is the closest one with your neck. The second part is the top section is the hair around your face. Then, the third section is the rest of the hair on the top.

To cut layered hair, you can leave the bottom part first since it will be the most extended layer. Then, cut the third part into ½ to 1 inch shorter than the bottom part. Don’t try the choppy layers by pulling your hair out that make it more perpendicular to your hair. Just hold the hair between your fingers then splay it as you cut the hair.

For the last, take the rest of the hair which is the second part of your hair then cut it into ½ to 1 inch shorter than the third part. If you want to get perfect short haircuts for round faces, so you can make this second part as long as your eyes and cheekbones. Then, perfect layered short hair is ready to welcome a New Year.

It is the perfect style for you have straight yet thin hair since it will make your hair to get more volume by layers. Then, it will also make your round face to be slimmer.

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