How to Clean Combs and Get Gorgeous and Healthy Hair

Many people say that hair is like a crown for every woman. That is why having gorgeous and healthy hair becomes very important for women. You do not only need to get perfect hairstyles, but you also need to pay attention to the little thing like the cleanliness of combs, hairdryer, etc. Make sure you know how to clean combs, hairdryer, hair tie, and others. In order to help you get perfect hair, here we give you some tips.

Make Sure Your Combs Clean

Unlike other stuff like hair tie, hairdryer, or hairpin, comb becomes something that people mostly used. Women, especially with long hair, surely use comb daily as they do hair styling.

How To Clean Combs

Then, how to clean combs? Here we go!

  • Prepare some stuff like dirty combs, unused toothbrush, towel, shampoo, warm water, and the small tube.
  • Remove all the hair and dirt left on a comb. You can use the tissue to remove the dirt.
  • Put the comb and warm water in the tub. Remember not to use boiling water
  • Add few shampoo in the tub, and then stir it slowly
  • Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes, so the dirt trapped on the combs can be easily removed
  • Take the comb out from the tub and scrub it using the toothbrush for removing the dirt. Make sure to scrub the whole part of combs until there is no dirt left.
  • Rinse it with clean water and dry it with the towel.

Pick the Best Haircuts

There are a lot of types of hair cutting for each face shape. That is why make sure you know your own shape before getting haircuts. You can measure the cheekbones, jawline, forehead, and the length of your face.  Here are some characteristics of familiar face shape.

  • Oval Face: the brows’ width, jaw, cheekbones are equal.
  • Round face: curved jaw and forehead at the corners
  • Square face: Both width and length have the same size
  • Heart-shaped face: narrow jaw and wide brow.
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For the oval face, this shape almost works well with all types of hair cutting. Meanwhile, the round faces will be celebrated with layered bangs, pixie, bob, and others haircuts that give length. The square faces are amazing with long layers, long bob, off-center part, and hair with bangs. Lastly, the heart-shaped faces look perfect in long bangs, deep side part, long bob, loose waves, and bouncy bob.

Understand how to part your hair

Which way to part hair is also important. If you have round face, you can make the middle or deep side part. For the square ones, you may try having the side part. A simple fringe can make your hair looks perfect. Meanwhile, oval which becomes the ideal shape is excellent with any pieces.

Get Perfect Color

Sometimes having a gorgeous hair needs a big effort, for example like changing your hair color. Having new hair color not only making your appearance looks amazing, but it also can give you a new fresh look. Red hair color could be the best color if you want to get the more refreshing look. However, as choosing the color shade for hair, you need to match it with the skin color first.

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