How To Change Your Hair Color At Home

How To Change Your Hair Color At HomeFor anyone who regularly visits the salon to have his or her hair dyed, the thought of dying one’s hair at home can be a somewhat daunting thought. What if it turns out wrong? What if the color you thought you brought home to try turns out to be completely different?

If you have wanted to change your hair color at home but have not been sure how to start, here’s how you can ensure a successful hair color transition from the comfort of your very own home.

Choosing The Dye

There are a few things to think about when choosing a hair dye. First, of course, is the color. Do you want to be a brunette? Blond? Do you want black hair or red hair? Maybe you want something completely off the wall, like green, pink or blue. Having a good idea of what hair color you want to have before entering the store will help save you time.

Now you have to choose the type of hair dye. If you really are uncertain if you will like the color, you should consider using a semi-permanent color. A semi-permanent color will wash out of your hair within 6-8 weeks (or faster if you shampoo your hair more frequently). If you are a bit more of a risk taker, go for the permanent hair dye.

Prepare Your Hair

The best thing you can do before dyeing your hair is not washing it. Dye your hair at a time when it hasn’t been removed for a couple of days; this will help both protect your hair, and allow the color to adhere better.

Prepare Your Hair Dye

Make sure that you do the 48-hour strand/strip test before using the dye, so you know that you will not be suffering from any dangerous allergic reactions. Read the directions that come with the hair dye and mix the preparations appropriately. This usually requires you to combine the cream substance with a liquid material that you will find in the kit.

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Some kits also come with a powder additive or an “oil” or aromatic additive as well. Put on your gloves before shaking the dye and make sure that you are wearing old clothes that you wouldn’t care about damaging or not. Wrap a towel around your shoulders as well to protect your neck area.

Applying The Hair Dye

Applying hair dye as an all over color is relatively straightforward. Try to section your hair into 3-5 different sections, and use the stain with either the applicator tip or with a brush, working from the roots of your hair to the very tip. Try to avoid rubbing any color into your scalp or allowing it to come in contact with your scalp.

TIP: Begin by dyeing the back of your hair. This hair is not only the hardest to dye since it is the most difficult to see, but it also tends to be the thickest and darkest hair on your head. It will need the extra few minutes to allow for the dye to set.

Make sure that you leave the dye on your hair for as long as instructed, and continually check up on how your hair color is turning out throughout the dyeing process. Shampoo your hair, use the deep conditioner that comes along in your hair dye kit, and allow your hair to air dry to prevent any damage.

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