Homemade Nail Polish Remover

We heard about the harmful effects of heavy nail varnish. Frequent use of nail polish can cause nails weak and also removes the natural protective layer of the nails. However, many women the same, because they know the alternative to nail polish. Apart from harsh chemicals, nail polish is expensive and does not evaporate as easily.

Why pay for something that goes away with a few. For those who want to introduce new colors of nail polish experiment, can every day be very useful at home? No special solvents Polish house, but there are many ingredients in our house, which can be used as nail polish.

Homemade Nail Polish Remover

Replace Nail Polish Remover At Home

Here are some things that can be easily found in our house, to remove the nail polish as effective as the nail polish from all the others:

Nail polish: Yes, I’m sure a bottle of nail polish at home. All you have to do is, again, a thick layer of nail polish on the nails to take control and cleaning, just before it dries. The old paint is with a new one. Is not it easy, fast and cheap? You can also use a natural nail polish remover at home because they are something strange in his claws.

Hot water: If you have brittle nails, then hot water is still one of the best nail polish removers can be used in the house of course. It is necessary to have a cup of water with a temperature that does not tolerate the heat may have. You have to immerse your fingers in warm water for 15 minutes. If the enamel is soft, gently scrape. This idea may take some time, but the hot water is a natural substance.

Scent: The scent can also help get rid of ugly nail varnish. Perfumes include acetone, which is one of the active ingredients in nail polish nail varnish is business. If you are willing to save a certain amount, then you test the idea. Take a few drops of perfume on a cotton swab and wipe the nail polish.

Rubbing alcohol: Alcohol is a natural substance, but effective, which has antibacterial properties. Contains ethanol and ethyl alcohol helps to remove nail polish. You can solve various nail problems if any. Which is readily available in the market in small bottles for a lower price. Take a few drops of alcohol on the swab and rub the nail polish.

Hairspray: If the color or remove the foam and nail polish may be easier for you. Hairspray contains ingredients that are used in advertising to remove nail polish. He disappeared to carry a small amount of paint on canvas and see the old paint in a few minutes.

Toothpaste: Toothpaste is also a serious candidate when it comes to nail polish at home. You can use toothpaste as a solvent is a little messy, but it is something that is easily accessible in every home. It is necessary to apply a small amount of toothpaste on the nails, then clean with a cotton swab. Nails nail polish are old, with the pasta.

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Besides, you can also thin, or a mixture of vinegar and citrus remover in the country. Acetone nail polish is also effective, but their safety is questionable. Be sure to select the top nail polish remover to clean your home and see your nails, get new colors!

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