Getting the Best Oblong Faces Shape Hairstyle

Having perfect hairstyle certainly becomes a dream for every woman. However, some of us probably having terrible hairstyle because of picking the wrong haircut. Choosing the right hairstyle certainly becomes a tough work sometimes, especially when we get oblong faces.

This face shape is favorite as long face shape. At first, some of us may think it looks like the oval face, yet this one is longer. In order to prevent you getting the worst hair, here some perfect.

Hairstyles For Oblong Faces

Hairstyles for oblong faces

Tips  to own gorgeous hairstyles for oblong faces?

  • Making some wave or curl for medium hair with oblong faces will always be a perfect choice. This hairstyle can give overall width on your face, making it looks good on you.
  • Giving some highlights can be a great alternative. Highlight can work as the counter for oblong faces.
  • If you are having very long face, it means that bangs can be the best solution. Even, some stylist says bang becomes the best friend for oblong faces. You can have side-sweep bangs for your straight haircut. This one will minimize your face’s length.
  • Don’t do the high updo styles for oblong faces. Its volume can add more length to your face. This one can make your face looks more oblong.
  • Change your hairstyles into these new hairstyles Loose Wave

Carrie Underwood becomes the famous singer with an oblong face. She really know how lose wave hairstyle can look perfect for her face shape.

This loose wave will fall right on your cheekbones, providing width on your face. This one also will be more perfect if you own

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Natural platinum blonde hair

Low Curls

As it has been said, you never get failed with curl or wave hair, even for people with oblong faces. Most people normally will hide their faces with hair as having oblong faces. Actually, you can use some tricks like doing curling for medium hair. This one will make your oblong face looks perfect.

Long Bob

long-straight hair for oblong faces
Photo by Wild Hairdo

Some of you are probably being scared of getting the classic bob. You are scared of looking too fat or chubby. However, for oblong faces this hairstyle can be a great solution! You can add simple curls in the bottom of your hair. Otherwise, you can make side part to give you simple and elegant look.

Side part is your best way to part your hair. This one will make your face looks wider. As doing the hair part for oblong face, it is better to avoid center part which will make your face longer. A center part only works well for round and square faces.

Never choose long-straight hair for oblong faces. It can drag your face down and male it looks longer.

If you have short hair, avoid getting layer haircuts. This one can add more volume to the top.

So, those are several tips and tricks for getting best hairstyles as having the oblong faces. If you still have no idea what to do with your oblong faces, you may ask your hairstylist.

Having oblong face is not the wrong thing, yet it is a unique one. You can still look gorgeous and stunning with those oblong face hairstyles.

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