How to Apply Your Best Hair Gel

Hair gel can be tricky. It can’t be applied haphazardly. You really do need to read the directions. Remember, not even the best hair gel in the world can help you look okay if you don’t know how to use it. If you’re not careful your hair will look stiff, and there might even be flakes.

Don’t panic! If used right, the benefits are totally worth it. It can add definition and shine to any style of hair.

One of the wonders of hair gel is that it can work on any kind of hair. Or rather, there is a hair gel for your particular hair. There are many brands of gel with different hold strengths and formulations.

How To Apply Your Best Hair Gel

There is a gel for thinning hair, and there is one for thick hair, as well as hairs that lie in between. Always keep this in mind. Remember to pick gel with your hair and your hairstyle in your thoughts. You’ll find the best hair gel for you in no time.

The gel is good at making at making quick spikes. It can give updos. It can make braids look smoother. It can hold frizzy hair in place. The gel can add volume, and it can scrunch to add definition to hair.

Before using the gel, here are a few guidelines

  • Don’t apply a great deal of gel on the ends of the hair. The gel might drag it down. You might not even experience gel’s ability to hold things up.
  • Don’t put gel on only one area of your hair. This kind of concentration won’t make it hold better at all. Most of the time, it will just clump your hair and make it stand out from the rest. It ruins your hair’s balance.
  • Most hair gels are meant for fine to medium hair. If your hair is thick, it can still be tamed but it will be harder. Remember to choose a gel that’s meant for thick hair on order to make things easier.
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Before applying gel to your hair, or any other hair styling product at that, wash your hair thoroughly. If you want to create a wet look, apply the gel while your hair is still wet. Don’t apply it when it’s still soaked in water though. Towel it dry, but don’t blow dry it. Add a pinch of the gel on your palm and rub it briskly.

Distribute the gel by running your hands through your hair. Style your hair before the gel dries. Don’t disturb you hair and let it dry in the air. If you don’t want your hair to look sleek, just dampen your hair instead of wetting it.

Scrunching defines curls and adds waves to hair. It’s a very simple process. Wash your hair thoroughly and get rid of the excess water. Rub your hands after getting a lump of gel on your palm. Apply it to your hair. Scrunch your hair into the desired shape (it’s just like crumpling paper). Let it dry in the air or use a diffuser.

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