How Flowers on Nails

Flowers NailsYou may think that he looks good does not need to work on nails. What really matters is the clothes, makeup or posture. Well, I totally agree with you. But then you do not have to think that all women who feel the same?

Therefore, to be different, you can also find some cool nail art, which not only the eyes of the girls will take care of other, but some men too! So we will find a way to send flowers on the nails and normal nails to make us reinvent.

How Flowers On The Nails: The Needs

First, start with the things that are necessary to do so. It is very important, you need a fine brush. You can use this to create an art collection or, if possible, you can borrow from someone you know. These do not cost much, in fact, up to $ 1 or less. Therefore, it may be better to buy one if you can use to nail art in the future. Acrylic paints and is second on the list. Acrylic nails are better than to paint nail polish, and because they make it easy and simple to drawings. You can also have an extra sparkle and glitter to give your creations. You can also nail art with this jewelry.

How To Paint Flowers On Nails

To begin, you need to do one coat on the nail with nail polish. Make sure this layer is extra soft to allow your design flow easily into your nails.

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The next step is to use the brush for the lines. For beginners to start with some simple patterns or shapes. Try soap bubbles with circles or zig-zag lines, and so on. Initially, it may be difficult for you, try to hold the brush, but to keep different angels come to know, at what angle provides maximum grip.

While painting, the brush head assembly does not appear in color, just enough to wet the tip of them dip.

Once you’ve applied a layer of nail polish and let dry. Once the paint is dry to start.

To draw a flower in the first place, with the brush touches the center of the nail. Do not use lots of colors, as they may spill.

Next, select the desired color petal. Once the paint has decided to use the brush to make the leaves of the flower. They must be in the middle, where it was previously run dry. As you get further from the center, apply a little pressure on the petals thick. The petals should be thicker toward the outer edge of the center and relatively thin.

You can save four or five petals. Comes naturally when you know how to flower (which I’m sure most of us on) to draw. Make sure you have it perfect, and after making each petal, let it dry, so that the petals of the other, not to inflate her.

If you have made your design and are happy for him, wear a coat. This is the most important because we want our design to be sealed.

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And here it is ready to flower design. The painting is possible without effort, after all, we all know, how to draw flowers. Repeat for other fingernails or toenails, too. But remember that the design is uniform in all cases. For best results with the rest of your hand/foot on a table to avoid shaking hands can ruin the design. To nail art a more dynamic use of color as much as you can, and use them differently. It’s also good to have polish in a variety of colors to match your wardrobe nail.

So now hopefully you know how to draw the flowers on the nails. You can also try some freehand nail art on them. If they can experiment too skeptical to using nails, then a few tips that you can get fake nails of any hardware store or you can first try a few simple nail art design practice, and you may look at this practice. For brushes, clean them with a nail polish remover, then rinse with water and let dry. Be sure to turn them back to clean.

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