Essential Oils And Long Term Care For Oily Skin

Essential Oils And Long Term Care For Oily SkinWhen you think of oily skin, you might consider using more oil on it would only make it worse. Not so. While oily skin can be problematic to deal with, pure natural essential oils work very well on oily skin.

If your skin produces too much oil, it creates a shiny look and is usually prone to blemishes and acne outbreaks. That’s because the body’s natural oil productions are overproducing sebum. This builds up and often blocks pores, trapping dirt and oil and causing breakouts on the skin.

A common mistake made by those who suffer from the oily skin is trying to stay away from any oils, lotions or creams, for fear it will make your skin worse. In fact, oily skin, just like any other skin type, needs a right balance of hydration. Without proper moisture, your body will continue to produce more sebum, or oil, to keep your skin in functional condition.

Enter the essential oils. Aside from helping balance the moisture in your skin, several essential oils will help cleanse and restore your skin, to reduce oil production, keep pores clear of oil and dirt and generally improve your appearance.

Lavender oil is a natural healing element, which promotes healthy balance to the skin. It’s thick cleansing oil which penetrates to tone the skin and help rid you of oil, dirt, and contaminants which will cause your skin to breakout.

Rosemary oil is a richly hydrating solution that will help reduce your body’s natural desire to produce sebum continually. It’s also great for toning your skin and evening out redness or blotchiness around the face.

Jojoba oil is ideal for oily skin. It’s more than just a fantastic moisturizer, but it also helps keep the sebum levels well balanced, so your skin doesn’t become excessively oily.

The key to keeping oily skin in good condition is offering the right balance of moisture to keep it fresh and hydrated without blocking pores. Natural essential oils are the perfect remedy to keep oily skin under control.

Oily skin can be quite problematic and lead to blemishes, breakouts and clogged pores. For those afflicted with oily skin, getting it under control and keeping it oil-free is a challenge.

Oily skin is a result of an overactive sebaceous gland which produces the body’s natural oils. These oils contribute to natural hydration and moisture that is needed for hair and skin both. If your body is creating too much of this natural oil, it results in oily skin and hair.

To keep your skin under control, finding the right moisture balance is critical. If you use cleansers or other products that strip the skin of moisture, it will trigger the sebaceous gland into high gear, causing it to create even more oil. Therefore, you must keep your skin and body well hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water and using a good moisturizer is actually good for oily skin. Cleanse your face twice a day, morning and night, with a thick pore cleanser to remove oil, dirt, and impurities. You can also use weekly masks to help penetrate the pores and detoxify the skin.

Some ingredients to search for skin care products for oily skin include almond oil or almond meal, crab apple, wheat germ or sandalwood. These natural ingredients will calm the skin without robbing it of any of its natural moisture. They help restore proper balance and hydration while toning and smoothing the surface of the skin.

Always follow your facial cleansing with a good moisturizer. Skin can dry out very quickly, which for oily skin types, means activating the sebaceous gland. It can be a vicious cycle, so never forget your moisturizer.

Long-term care for oily skin means. First, you must clear up the oil and get it under control. Once you’ve done this, don’t stray from your good habits. A day or two without cleansing or moisturizing can bring your oily skin back with a vengeance. Make a skin care plan and stick with it, and don’t forget to treat your hair as well. Extra oil in your hair can end up contaminating your face or neck, so even if your skin seems under control, you might still have breakouts.

There is no magic cure for oily skin. A long-term plan of daily cleansing is a must to keep skin clear, oil-free and under control. However, once you get the handle it, controlling your oily skin will be less of a problem.

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