How to Make Lighted Vanity Mirrors in Easy Ways

Are you a makeup lover? Or are you dreaming of becoming a great make-up artist one day? If the answer yes, you surely need to own the DIY vanity mirrors with lights.

As doing make-up, each one surely needs a mirror, yet having a lighted vanity mirror surely becomes every make-up lover’s wish. Vanity mirrors are commonly seen as the professional make-up artist doing makeup. This one also can be seen in fashion TV programs sometimes. Vanity mirror generally surrounded by light bulbs which are making it looks like the luxurious mirror.

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Having lighted vanity mirror surely gives a lot of benefits for you. For example like if you often get some trouble when making winged eyeliner with hooded eyes or remove waterproof mascara, this mirror can help you fix those little problems.

Moreover, this kind of mirror also makes you more comfortable as you are applying make-up or styling your hair. As this price of vanity mirror is a little bit pricey, here we provide you DIY tutorials for making unusual lighted vanity mirrors. Let’s check this out!

What to do with making DIY vanity mirrors with lights 

Preparing the stuff

The first thing that you need to prepare for starting this DIY vanity mirror is by getting all supplies. Here’s the list of supplies:

  • bulb light (6)
  • 1” x 4” boards (1)
  • Card board (1)
  • 36” x 33” board with 5/8” thick. Cut and make a 4 x 4 ft (1)
  • 10 ft electrical wiring (1)
  • electrical plastic boxes (1)
  • Wire nuts (1)
  • “L” bracket mount (3)
  • Power plug (2)
  • Dimmer switch (1)
  • Mirror clips (4)
  • Pronge plug (3)
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Preparing the tools

  • Jig saw
  • Circular saw
  • Cordless drill
  • Hammer
  • Finishing Sander
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Wood glue & putty
  • Tape measure

Making Vanity Bars

  • Make four bulb vanity strips with six bulbs.
  • Measure the center part with 6″ apart for the light bulbs
  • Leave about 1″ on its sides for the wood board as putting vanity bars

Make Electrical Box

Make three holes on for electrical boxes, One hole for the switch and the others for putting power plugs.

Making the frame

  • Cutting the frame 36 x 3 inches
  • Drill 1,5 inch for cutting out all holes for light bulb
  • Use jigsaw to cut the electrical boxes
  • Cut 4 x 1 inches for the frame

Attach the frame

  • Pre-mark all holes that you want to drill
  • Measure about ½” and draw a line from the edge
  • Mark holes three inches
  • Glue the frame before drilling the holes

Priming, Painting, and others

  • After the frame attached, cover the nails up with putty.
  • Sand it with high-quality grit paper
  • Priming to make it paint last longer
  • Use black spray for getting great final looks
  • Mount electrical box by attaching them to pre-cut holes
  • Line the vanity by starting with three prong plug. Then, connect the first plug to other plugs until it is connected to the switch.
  • Connect whole vanity bars


To finish DIY vanity mirrors with lights, you can attach the mirror with glue. Then, add whole mirror clips to make it secured. You can use 21 x 4 inches mirror.

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