Find Gorgeous Hairstyles for Your Diamond Shaped Faces

Having a diamond face is actually a unique and special thing. However, this sometimes makes us confused as choosing the perfect hairstyles.

Most people with diamond face shape normally use their hair for hiding their faces, making it looks too thin and small. As diamond face almost similar to the oval faces, there must be several hairstyles that will work with this kind of face shape.

Here we provide diamond face shape hairstyles that will make you look gorgeous and elegant at the same time. Check this out!

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles

What Do You Need From Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles?

Having diamond faces means you own thin chin and forehead with the same width. Your cheekbones will be the fullest part of your face, and your jaw tends to have pointed look. One thing that makes diamond faces unique is it gets narrower hairline than the other shapes. For that reason, you surely need types of hair cutting which can balance out your wide cheekbones, narrow chin, and face length. One thing that you should remember is your diamond face shape hairstyles must create softness and warmth in your faces.

Side-swept bang

Who says that diamond faces would look terrible as getting bangs hairstyles? Having hairstyles with the side-swept bang can make you look gorgeous. To get this one, ask your hairstylist to give you shorter side bangs which sweep over one eye.

Longer Side-parted band

Meet other types of hair cutting with bangs for diamond faces! Now you can balance out your cheekbones by getting a longer side-parted bang. This one will give an illusion to your faces so that it can look like the oval one.

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Bardot Bangs

Bardot bangs probably sound strange for a hairstyle. However, this one can offer soft look to your diamond face. Bardot bangs come with softly parts in the center and fuller on the face’s sides. Therefore, if you want to try hiding your narrow or exposed forehead, this hairstyle can be your solution!

Faux-hawk bangs

Are you looking for perfect short hair for a diamond face? You probably love to try this hairstyle. Having narrow forehead surely makes you confused picking the right bang choices. Even, most people choose the sweep bang. Faux-hawk bangs actually can be great short haircuts for round faces and the diamond ones. This punky touch brings out the volume, and making your top half looks wide.

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Having diamond faces sometimes makes us getting a bitchy look. In order to get away that look, maybe you should try this one. Bob hairstyle will help you widen the jaw parts by avoiding extremely sharp on your face. It really works for creating framing effect and giving softer edges on your face.

So, those are several hairstyles that will work perfectly for your diamond face. In order to get the worst hairstyle, you probably need to avoid these hairstyles:

  • Add more volume on your face’s sides and at the crown
  • Midpoint parting, especially for the straight hair
  • Straight/heavy bangs which hide all forehead part
  • Flat styles
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