Curling Iron vs Wand: This Is How to Style Your Hair Perfectly

Curling iron vs wand? Which is better? Actually, to get a beautiful curl, you can use both curling iron and curling wand. Both tools will give great and beautiful curls. The iron one has a clip in it, while the wand is the clipless iron.

Since both are named different, they are designed for different purpose. People seem to find it hard to choose between those two since the price is different too. So, here’s our guide!

Curling Iron Features

Curling iron vs wand? Which is better?

The heating speed in curling iron generally takes a couple of minutes. The barrel gets heated within minutes to give curl for medium hair. If you have long hair, you have to wait several minutes to make sure the barrel gets enough heat. The barrel size will determine the curl look. If the barrel is narrow, you will get a small and tight curl.

Meanwhile, if you have the wide one means you will get bigger curls. Some curling iron brands only have one heat setting, so you can’t increase or decrease the heat. However, you can opt for other brands which have more than one heat settings. As for heating plate, there are three types which are normally used. Those types are Tourmaline, Ceramic, and simple metal.

Sometimes there is a curling iron with the combination of ceramic and tourmaline. The tourmaline and ceramic ones which are the expensive models are great to protect curling for medium hair while heating and prevent damage to your hair. The metal ones are the most affordable, but they give less protection.

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Curling Wand Features

The heating speed in curling wand is faster than the iron one. However, you need to be cautious not to burn your fingers. Sometimes, people will put on the safety gloves to make sure they don’t get burn. The shape of wand barrel shape is tapered in front wands. This design will make curls smaller and tighter at the end of your hair strand.

So, curling wand is perfect for short curly hair round face. Another benefit of curling wand is that there is no clip to hold the hair in place. This feature will make the curls come out smooth and even. Moreover, you don’t get the mark of the clip at the tip of your hair strand. As the heating is strong, the curls done with the wand will stay longer even stays all day long.

How to Curl Hair With Wand

A curling wand is an iron without the clips. Since it is clipless iron, you need to hold the strand of your hair with one hand and hold the handle of the wand with the other hand. You can use gloves to prevent any chances of burning your fingers. Next, wrap the strand of hair and hold them there for five until seven seconds. Pull out the wand gently form between the curls.

How to Curl Hair With Iron

The wand has a clip to hold the strand of hair. Hold the strand of your hair and roll them over the iron. Hold them there until ten seconds or a little more. You don’t need gloves to protect your fingers since the clamp will hold the hair.

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