Choosing The Right Hair Style For Your Face Shape

Choosing a hairstyle can both be the most fun and most stressful thing in anyone’s life. No matter how many pictures of great, new hairstyles you may look at, you still can never be entirely so sure that the hairstyle you are looking at is right for you… or can you?

When choosing the hairstyle that’s best for you, one of the most important things that you should keep in mind is your face shape. Your haircut is going to frame your entire face, so it’s essential that it will be complementary and will both conceal and bring attention to features on your face. We will start with the most natural face shape first:

Choosing The Right Hair Style For Your Face Shape

The Oval Face

The oval face is the easiest when it comes to hairstyles, as almost any hairstyle will be suitable for an oval face. You can have short hair and long hair, bobs or long loose curls, or you can also choose to have choppy bangs to add some extra dimensions to your hair.

The one thing that oval faces should avoid is any style that will add too much height to the top of your head. If you add more height to the crown of your head, then your face will end up appearing elongated and will look out of proportion.

The Square Face

The square face is often defined by a strong jaw. Because of this strong jaw, any hairstyle that you choose should be one that will help draw attention away from your jaw. The best styles to do this are those styles that have a lot of texture and layers. Any sort of uneven haircut and choppy ends that will frame your face shape will help reduce the appearance of your jaw, and side swept bangs offer a great distraction. When unsure how to style your hair, put in some waves or curls and you’re set!

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The Round Face

The key to choosing a hairstyle for a round face is to pick one that will keep your look balanced. This means no fringes, no blunt and choppy bangs, and you will want to reduce any amount of volume around your face.

Long bangs are always a great option, and keeping them swept to the side can help conceal a larger forehead. You can opt to have long or short hair, though a medium length tends to be most complimentary.

The Long Face

Anyone with a long face will want to choose a hairstyle that will help reduce the length of their face. One easy trick that you can use is to style your hair in such a way that it will have a side part rather than a center part. Having a fuller hairstyle combined with layers at a variety of different lengths will really make your look. Add in some loose curls for a night out, and you’re set!

The Heart Shaped Face

What you will want to choose for a hairstyle is to draw attention away from your chin. Side swept bangs are a must, and wispy, soft layers that lay just under the cheekbone will look best with your face shape. Try to avoid any straight cut bangs and fringes.

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