Brassy Hair No More: Blue Shampoo Solution

A brass hair happens to everyone who colored their hair. It is a result of the loose of hair dye from the bleached hair, therefore the hair left with copper, brassy tones that look like it is dry.

Blue Shampoos For Brassy Hair
Photo by Toa Heftiba

Blue shampoos for brassy hair might save your bleached hair staying off-colored than becoming dry yellow. It works this way; the blue color is in contrast with the yellow color, therefore, having an opposite color of brassy shampooed all over, will make it stay bleached.

In 2017 there is the grey hair colored trend, now in 2018 the natural platinum blonde hair is in, and the half unicorn look like blonde hair with pink tips can be saved with the blue shampoo.

Don’t you know that your regular shampoo is not helping to protect your colored hair? Of course, every anti-dandruff, deep cleanse, moisturizing shampoo only do so well to just clean it. Your hair might suffer from the itch of dandruff, but the anti-dandruff shampoo won’t help your bleached hair moisturize as how it supposed to be. That is why using a specialized shampoo for colored hair is a must to make it stays longer.

The blue shampoo, not only for the color is blue to contrast the brassy hair, and it is formulated to have more moisture for treating the hard chemical to bleach your hair. Some of the product recommend not to use it on the daily since it might make your hair blue; basically, a blue shampoo is a light formulated blue dye. So, if you just want to make your hair stay desaturated and bleached, you only use the shampoo and the conditioner, ONLY if the brassiness appears. Or at least once a week for the weekly treatment, and always use the glove, if you don’ want to stain your beautifully manicured nails.

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Since you’re here you might want to know how to balayage your hair, to have the sun-kissed blonde gradation hair, the Victoria Secret’s Angels have, keep it bleached with blue shampoo and conditioner as well.

To keep you on track with the blue shampoo, here are some products you can buy for the best blue shampoo in the industry. First is the Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo: Mauve Blue. Don’t be fooled by the brown glass packaging, and it has the power the tone down the faded-ness of your brassy hair to the maximal.

Then there is one from the bath bomb famous product: you can buy the LUSH Daddy O Shampoo via online from The smell is so fresh with a scent of lemon. And the third but not least is the Sachajuan Silver Shampoo. The name might be silver, but it is a regular blue, purple shampoo to neutralize the brassiness from bleaching your hair to the ash brown hair color.

There you go for some info on the blue shampoo that can save you from the brassy disaster. Worry no more, and now you can join the 2018 trend that Selena Gomez start when she dates Bieber back: the dark roots with platinum hair, that named the “Nirvana Blond.”


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