Beauty Advice for Nails and Brows

Here are some of the top beauty tips and best beauty advice you want to help enhance your natural beauty.

How to Have Stronger Nails

Having stronger nails can seem almost downright impossible, but there are some things you can do to help keep them healthy. First, always wear gloves whenever using any cleaning products or solvents. Before you wash that dish, throw on some rubber gloves. You would be surprised to find out just how badly these detergents and chemicals can dry out your nails, which causes them to chip and peel.

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Another important thing is to keep your hands moisturized and hydrated. Moist nails are healthy nails, so rub on that hand cream before allowing your nails to become dry and brittle.

There are also a lot of nail strengthening products on the market these days, a lot coming in the form of clear nail polish. These are great products, and you do not even need to buy the most expensive kind of nail hardening product out there to have stronger nails. Drugstore brands work just fine and, in general, are only as good as the expensive boutique brands.

How to Wax your Eyebrows

Beauty Advice For Nails And Brows

Waxing is always better than plucking as it lasts longer and will leave your eyebrows with a clean, tidy appearance for weeks! Before you spend $15 on that next ‘brow job, wax your very own eyebrows by using the advice below:

  1. Start by brushing the eyebrows into their natural shape with an eyebrow brush, toothbrush or a cleaned mascara wand. This will help you determine their natural shape and will work as a guide for you.
  2. Next, take a ruler and hold it so that it is parallel to your nose and level with the innermost corner of your eye. This will help you determine where the eyebrow should begin. Make any marks with an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner pencil so you can help determine the length.
  3. Now it’s time to determine the curve of your eyebrow. You can do this by holding the ruler from the edge of your nostril right past the outer edge of the iris, and then up to the eyebrow. Take your eyebrow pencil and mark that spot with a dot.
  4. Line up the dots so you can help determine where the natural arch of your brow lines. You can then draw the shape with the pencil. This will help guide you when you apply the wax to your eyebrows.
  5. Take your professional waxing kit and warm up the wax. Then, take the applicator and apply a fragile layer of wax to your eyebrow. Make sure that you use only a small amount of wax so you can be as precise when you wax as possible. Then, take the wax strip and press it down onto the wax. Lift off the corner of the piece, and pull it in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

If you don’t get all of the hairs at once, do not re-apply the wax to your eyebrow skin as it will already be raw and tender after one wax job. Take your tweezers and tweeze away any stray or straggling hairs. Follow up by applying a gentle, soothing balm such as aloe or even tea tree oil onto the area.

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