How to Make Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

Don’t you know that curly is one of the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces? Just look at Taylor Swift a few years back, looking so innocent rocking her teenage love country song. Curls are never out of style, the light curl will give you the beach tropical vibe, while the big curl makes the glamour look.

Give your straight hair a makeover with a 5/8 curling iron and tips and tricks below to make the best of your special night looking different from your usual day.

5/8 Curling Iron Kourtney Kardashian Heart Face
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Using Hair Roll

Hair roll might be one of the best innovation for changing the hairstyles. Works very well to make light curls for the usual school days. In the 70’s, hair roll is a must everywhere, added with hairspray, to make the boring straight hair more rebellious like Olivia Newton-John’s transformation in Grease. Just remember to roll your hair while dry, a wet hair could fasten your curls, but the rolled dampness will make your hair smell bad.

Braid Your Hair

If you want to save up money without buying any special electricity or spray for curling your hair, you can use the most traditional way of curling: braiding. You can even have fun curling your hair with weaving it with some braid styles as well. Try looking how to do a braid crown, or how to do boxer braid, to have fun waiting for your curls. On the bright side, having a twist will also simplify your day doing activities while looking so adorable.

Using Curling Iron

The best way to make your straight hair stays curly for longer is using some curling iron itself. Just roll your hair up to the heating rod, wait for a while, and Voila! You have your prom night hair. The heat from curling your hair could damage your hair, so take some hair tonic or moisturizer, for making it always healthy. Besides, the best hair is not curly or straight, but the healthy one is.

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There are different types of curling iron you need to know. A clamp iron can be used for making volume and bouncy curls. One of the best styles of curl for medium hair is using a wand, to make it lose and natural. The Marcel curling iron might be one of the eldest curling iron in the industry, that’s why the result is quite different as well, it is best to make the retro curls.

Using a Headband

This way might be cringe-able, but it works well. Make sure your hair is clean to have the loose wavy curls effect optimized. Divide your hair into sections and use multiple headbands at once and keep it for 3-4 hours. The downside is, it might make your hair weaken out of the strain, but it’ll make a curl nonetheless.

One thing that you need to know is: don’t forget to have fun. Having a curl means, one part of your life is not as flat as you think, so have fun with it!

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