Simple & Perfect Look for Garden Party

3/8 curling iron photo
Photo by Carol vanhook

Want to attend garden party? Don’t get stress! You can take a beautiful crown braid as look for garden party. At this point, you have to prepare some tools, such as 3/8 curling iron, bobby pins, comb, and makeup tools. To get this look, don’t forget to wear a dress with flower pattern. If the party is a birthday party, you can wear a pair of brown boots. This concept is the perfect one, right? So here are some steps that can be followed to get this look.

If you have blonde hair, it must be perfect. You can dye half of your hair with pink color. You can take permanent or temporary dye. Choose the soft shade, then apply it to get ombre hair style. To make it more perfect, you can move some piece of your hair from left and right side which are for braid. Apply on your hair that will not be braided. It will give more effect that you actually wear a crown from braid hair. You can ask professional or even do it by yourself.

For gorgeous crown braid, you can do some steps. For the first, move front of your hair to one side and take your small pieces of hair. After that, twist them to moves form the bottom to the top. Take some of your hair to the lower strand. After that, twist them again until you get around your hair. Let some of your hair that will not include into braid. If you finished, so you can make a rope braid in the end of hair. Make sure that you secure it with an elastic. Hide it under the hair and secure it with bobby pins. To complete how to do a crown braid, you can curl half of your hair with curling iron.

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After finishing hair look, you can jump to makeup do. Since you will attend garden party which means take a place in outdoor, you have to make sure that you apply sun protection cream. It will not be needed if the party in night. Apply pink nude shimmery mascara on your eyes. The pink color will make your face look young and fresh. Then, shimmery colors is needed to make your look brighter. After that, you can take winged eyeliner for hooded eyes. Don’t forget to apply highlighter and blush on to get your face even shining.

If you have problem with eyes, you can take the mascara for sensitive eyes. Mascara is the crucial one since it will not only let your eyelashes on, but also it helps you to clean away fall-out from eye-shadow. It is also take an important role when you do not want to wear false eyelashes. It will give more volume on your eyelashes when you do not the false one. Apply pinkish lipstick to complete your look. Make sure to spray facial mist to make your makeup stay long last. Finally, you are ready for garden party!

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