Get a Glam with Gorgeous Kylie Jenner Look

Do you want to get a glam look for your daily look? You may look at Kylie Jenner style that will give you more glam. Start from her hair style, make up look, and fashion. You can follow her concept but still need some modification to make it more proper on you. The best look from Kylie Jenner that can be followed is her beach wave hair look and beauty face look. All you need for this look is only a 2 inch curling wand and some simple make up tools. Are you ready?

Short Hair Trend 2 Inch Curling Wand

First of all, you can start with makeup look. You can start from your eyebrow. Kylie Jenner has soft but full youthful eyebrow that make it more perfect for any occasion, especially for your daily make up.

So, how to color eyebrows to make it more perfect?

You can choose the shade of eyebrows color for your skin. Choose shade that is similar with your hair color. If you have black hair color, so you can choose ebony or deep brown shade for your eyebrows. Make a line for shaping your brows, then fill it from the end. Don’t forget to blend it well after filling all of your brows nicely.

Colorful Eye Shadow Palette Makeup Products
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Still for face look, you can color your eyes to make it brighter and live. You can prepare some tools on how to make eyeshadow as like as Kylie Jenner do.

First, you can apply eye primer to your eyelids to make the shadows long lasting since Kylie Jenner never has smudge eye shadow.

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Second, take a light brown shadow to apply it over your eyelid. Blend it well. Third, take a dark brown shadow to apply into your crease. You can use blending brush to apply it on your crease. Make sure that you blend it well so there will be no borders or lines between colors.

Fourth, you can use a small brush to take the darkest brown shadow to apply on the outer corner of your eyes. Once again, you have to blend it well to make it more perfect. In that cases, you have to concern on how to blend eyeshadow since it will affect the finishing look. Blend it well until these three colors have seamlessly transition.

To make it more gorgeous, you can make a cat eye with liquid eyeliner. If you find it difficult, you can use pencil eyeliner to help make a line first then apply it again with liquid eyeliner.

If your eye look is ready, you can finish your look by applying foundation. Before that, you have to apply a primer around your face. Then, you can use kabuki brush or beauty blender as the way on how to apply liquid foundation well. After that, use concealer for your dark circle and highlight your face. Blend it well to apply with bronzer, blush on, and powder.

Don’t forget to apply lip liner and lip balm before apply lipstick on your lips. For hair, you can take beach wave looks by using curling iron.

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