A Fresh Beach Wave Red Hair Style of Popular Singer

New Year will come. It means that you have to find new look and style for better performance. Then, you can start with you hair style. If you want to try something new and fresh, you can change your hair color. Fresh and bright red beach wave hair is the best concept for your new look in the New Year.

The bright red hair color is ever taken by some of popular singer like Faith Evans, Rihanna, f(x)’s Krystal, and Red Velvet’s Joy. With this bright hair color, it made her look become more fresh and joyful.

So, how to get this pretty look? You can get your hair perm and 2 inch curling iron.

2 Inch Curling Iron
Photo by Averie Woodard

First of all, you have to dye your hair to reddish hair color shades. Actually, you can try other bright red colors match with your skin tone. One of best color for this look is red velvet or intense red hair color. These two colors are the best ones that will give fresh and bright look. For dyeing your hair, you can do it by yourself or ask the professional. Make sure that you will not cut your long hair too much.

After getting what true color that is chosen from red hair color chart, you can get ready for your new hair style. What you need from fresh look is beach wave hair look. There are some steps that can be followed to get this perfect fresh red beach wave hair look. First, you can prepare some clips, comb, hairspray, and curling iron. After that, you can part your hair ad clip it into diagonal section. Make sure that your hair is already dry to make it easier to control. To give softer look, you can grab around 2 inch of hair section then comb it.

Next, you can mist hairspray by lifting up your red hair dye shade. By using spiral manner, you can carefully wrap your hair around the barrel of curling iron. Make sure that you have to point the curling iron downward. Let your hair sit on curling iron for 10 to 20 seconds for each section. Remember that you have hold the end of curling iron tightly for entire time so that it will give more bouncy look.

When it is done, you can release it and mist the section again with hairspray. You can do these steps multiple times until all your hair get curled.

To get prettier look with this red hair colors shades, you can brush your hair with a natural bristle brush. After that, shake out your curly hair with your hands carefully. So, it will give more volume and beachy feel. Actually, this fresh red beach wave hair style is the best for summer time. On the other hand, this look is also perfect in any time for you who want to get brighter look. Not only for cool skin tone, whoever have warm skin tone also perfect in this shade and look. Let’s get red for New Year!

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