The Forgotten Things Done by Some Makeup Addicted

Weekend is not only perfect for traveling, but it is also perfect to tidy up. For your information, your beauty tools must be cleaned well to avoid some dirties and bacteria. When the tools have not cleaned yet, so there will be some bacteria triggers breakout on your face while it triggers dandruffs or any hair problem for hair tools that never been cleaned.

Besides keep your face clean from makeup, you have also make sure all the tools like 12 inch curling iron, make brushes, comb, and many else keep on clean condition.

12 Inch Curling Iron

For the first step, you can start to clean all your makeup from your face. It is important to keep your face clean before go to bed. It is the essential point for everyday routine, especially for makeup addicted.

If you go out with full make up, you can do double cleansing which means you need oil based and water based remover. For the simplest one you can use micellar water. How to use micellar water is very simple. Just take a cotton then split the micellar water on it, then wipe it around your face.

Then, you can take milk cleanser for the second cleansing. After that, don’t forget to get how to remove eye makeup. Since eyes have more sensitive area, you can take eyes and lips remover. Then, you can wash your face with facial wash and do other steps of skin care routine. Start from applying toner, serum or essence, and night cream. Then, you can apply mask on for your face and other treatment. It can be done routinely to keep your skin health.

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How about nail polish? There are some ways on how to remove gel nail polish at home. First, prepare acetone, a roll of foil, and cotton balls. Second, soak cotton ball in acetone then place it on the top of your nail. Third, wrap each of your fingers with a small piece of foil. Let it for 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe it with acetone again to clean it off.

Besides, when you are often use makeup so you have to clean you makeup brushes often. There are so many makeup brush cleaner diy that can be followed. You can use your gel facial wash for cleaning your brushes. Tap it on dry and soft towel, then let it dry from some hours.

Make sure that you did not soak the brushes in water since it will ruin hair of brush. On the other hand, there is curling hair that also must be cleaned. Some people might forget to clean this thing. In fact, it is a must-to-do thing to clean curling iron after every use.

To clean your curling iron well, you can wait until it cool completely. Then, wipe the curling iron with a soft and damp towel. In some condition, you will need a hot iron cleaner which help to remove some gunk. Don’t forget to keep it in dry and clean place to avoid a damage.

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