How to Get Beautiful Short Hairstyle

Most women normally prefer to own long hair, so they can get beautiful and stunning looks. But, who says that you cannot look amazing by having short hair? There are actually a lot of ways for making your short hair looks gorgeous. You probably can turn your hair into red, so they can look fresh and more colorful. Otherwise, maybe you need 1 1/4 curling iron for getting amazing curly hair. Still have no idea what to do for getting gorgeous short hair? Guess, these tips and tricks may work for you!

Tips on Making Your Hair Looks Stunning

Cut The Hair

long hair photoThere is nothing wrong to get haircut for the short hair. This may sound crazy, but you probably will look good on pixie hairstyle. Instead of having bob hair cut, pixie haircut can give you stunning and exotic looks at the same time. As having haircuts, make sure to check out types of hair cutting first. Otherwise, you can look several pixie haircuts models on celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham, Scarlet Johansson, Katty Perry, and others.

Make it Red

Boring with your hair colors? Why not trying to get some reds to your shot hair? Red hair colors shades are not only perfect for the long hair, but it goes well for the short haircuts. Red colors are normally divided into cold reds and warm reds. Several colors like red velvet, ruby red, burgundy, black cherry, rose gold, and magenta belong to the cool reds. Meanwhile, red colors like auburn, copper, and ginger belong to warm reds.

For short haircut models, people normally will pick the cool reds shade. However, almost all auburn hair color chart also looks good for the short hair. Overall, whatever the red shade you pick, it can make your skin becomes more alive and fresh. Generally, the cool reds would be perfect if you own cool or dark skin color. On the other hand, if you get warm and fairy skin color, the warm reds certainly look good on you.

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Get Some Curls

The last thing that can make your short hair looks stunning is by making some curls on it. You can use 1 1/4 curling iron to make wave or curly hairs. This is the perfect size and this one will perfectly work for short hair. Then, how to get perfect curls for short hair?

Let’s check this out!

  • Wash Your Hair: Unwashed hair actually will make styling process harder. For that reason, make sure you wash it first by using shampoo and conditioner. You can leave it dry overnight and avoid drying it by using hairdryer. Once all your hair is dry, make hair volume by using round brush comb.
  • Part Some Sections: Separate your hair into six sections. Use some hair clips to hold those sections.
  • Curling Your Hair: Start curling your hair with the bottom section first. Wrap it around the curling iron, and make sure you hold the iron vertically while rolling it. Repeat this step until all your hair is curled.
  • Use Hair Spray: For making your hair keep curly, you may apply some hair spray on it. However, if you want to make it looks natural, some curl cream may be perfect.

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